On Photography: Robert Farber, 1944-present

“If you want to make good photographs, a camera has to second nature to you. Devoting too much attention to technical decisions can interfere with your creative process.” -Robert Farber Robert Farber, a painter with a camera Robert Farmer was born on Leap Day, February 29, 1944. He always wanted to be a painter. He…

On Photography: Robert Farber, 1944-present

How to choose the right tripod

Nearly every photographer has a need for a good tripod. But how do you know which one to go with? Should you go lightweight or heavy-duty? Should you get a custom ballhead? What about a gimbal? In the video above from The Slanted Lens, Jay P. Morgan takes a look at tripods — the pros,…

How to choose the right tripod

Adobe brings Refine Edge Brush and Rotate Canvas to Photoshop on the iPad

This morning, Adobe announced the addition of the Refine Edge Brush and Rotate Canvas option to version 1.6 of Photoshop on the iPad. Refine Edge Brush The Refine Edge Brush allows photographers to precisely refine the border area of selections and brush over soft areas like hair and fur to add fine details. This lets…

Adobe brings Refine Edge Brush and Rotate Canvas to Photoshop on the iPad

Olympus unveils updated lens roadmap, upcoming firmware and webcam software

Overnight, Olympus announced some updates to its plans for the remainder of 2020, giving an update on the availability of the highly-anticipated 150-400mm f/4.5 lens, as well as an updated lens roadmap and firmware update plans for the OM-D E-M1X camera. The announcement follows the news that Olympus intends to sell its camera division to […]

Olympus unveils updated lens roadmap, upcoming firmware and webcam software

Father’s Day.

Papa, I can’t walk so fast Can you please walk little slow My tiny lil legs can’t match up I want to walk along with you Following his footsteps I tried to walk to reach upto him He then, walked too slow To match up with me holding my hand Followed his directions wherever he […]

Father’s Day.

She stoops to conquer

There’s one fabulous upside to traveling in a group of like minded people. I discovered it during our bird watching trip to Jamnagar in Febraury. You get pushed into doing things which you had not tried before. One of my travel companions, let us call him Knowledge, was a fashion photographer who had recently turned […]

She stoops to conquer